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All About Eve: I'm just a girl

Today, under the sign of Aquarius, was born Eve and her virtual space in English- All about Eve

Funny, provocative, determined, independent and courageous, so it is Eve.

After four months writing regularly in my native language – Portuguese – I thought it was the right time to challenge myself and I decided to do it in another language.

Although Portuguese is the third more used language in the Internet, English is an universal language, ideal to communicate with people all over the world.

Symbol of the Life and the Mother Nature, Eve, the woman among women, is identified with another symbol of the highest importance: the apple. Related with the conquest or loss of the paradise, the apple is also the symbol of the terrestrial desires and sin... Dreaming with apples can mean the conquest of the greatest ideals as well as remorse or guilt. From the apple of Adam and Eve until the golden apples of the garden of the Hesperides, we find, in all the circumstances, the apple as a way of knowledge.

The apple is good and evil paradoxically meeting, a duplicity of meanings, unifying knowledge that confers immortality or knowledge that provokes the fall. In Latin, the words for "apple" and for "evil" are identical (malum). It is often used to symbolise the fall into sin, or sin itself. In the Old Testament the apple was significant of the fall of man; in the New Testament
it is an emblem of the redemption from that fall.

Icon of the feminine Universe, All about Eve is my promise to write about what intrigues me most as a human being: the discovery of the Other, the affective relationships, the differences and similarities between men and women, two distinct worlds who must acknowledge and accept their differences to develop a happier coexistence- and there is the great challenge of all.

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